Art of the Gala is an event to empower organization leaders to learn best practices and be more effective in building their brand and engaging with their target audiences. Stronger collaborations build strong organizations and a stronger community. Organization leaders, marketing, event planning, digital engagement experts all united under one roof. Join us.

Expect to learn how to:

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Attract more sponsors

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Sell out your event

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Raise more money

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Digital engagement

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Bring on the magic

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Due diligence and legal 101


Thank you to our 2019 Host Committee!

Jenny Aghamalian, Sandy Alcala, Bill Bayless, Terri Broussard Williams, Shayna Brown, Tommy & Ellen Burt, Leigh Christie, Christina Crean, Jen Davis, Courtney Dickey, Melinda Garvey, Nikki Graham, Kathy Green, Whit and Kim Hanks, Susan Hewlitt, Debbie Johnson, Kristi Katz, Andra Liemandt, Meagan Longley, Holly Mace Massingill, Tracey Marshall, Jenny Mason, Karen Oswalt, Jackie Padgett, Shonnery Pettit, Holly Priestner, Kelly Reitan Brynteson, Miguel Romano, Lesa Rossick, Yvette Ruiz Krumhansl, Nina Seely, Karen Shultz, Phyllis Snodgrass, Katherine Stolp, Venus Strawn, Laurie Swan, Matt Swinney, Lisa Trahan, Keri Walling, Leslie Ward, Krista White, and Lynn Yeldell.

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